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Below are the terms and conditions on which we, Ease In Motion, provide  rehabilitation services to your animal.


Initial Assessment


The first appointment offers time for an assessment of your animal’s condition and a discussion with you regarding treatment planning, goal setting and predicted timescale of return to function. Please note that after the Initial Assessment has been carried out, we may decide that we cannot provide any Services if, for example, treatment for the condition may not be suitable or appropriate. A referral back to the vet for further investigation may be more appropriate for your animal.


Exercise Plan


We are likely to set you a functional exercise programme to be completed with your animal between sessions. You are not obliged to complete these but if you do not then their progress in achieving their full potential may be slowed down.




You are personally liable to pay all of our fees and any surcharges incurred, such as any cancellation fees. We do not deal with direct claims from insurance or pet health schemes from third parties. All sessions must be paid for at the time of the appointment.

A fee of £15 is charged for processing insurance claims.




We accept payment by cash, bank transfer or credit / debit card. Payment is due at the time of the appointment and no later.


Late Cancellation or Missed Appointments


If you are late arriving at a session, the session will begin on your arrival and continue until the time when it is scheduled to end. If you have booked a session and you cancel with less than 48 hours notice or do not turn up for the session, then you are liable to pay the cost of that session. On occasion, we may have to cancel an appointment. This may occur, for example, if a staff member is sick. If we have to cancel an appointment, we will book you another appointment as soon as reasonably possible. No charge will be made to you for the session cancelled by us.

Defecation Charge

Should your animal defecate, urinate or vomit in the Hydrotherapy tank a charge of £135 will be applied in addition to their session fee. This is due to extensive cleaning, refilling of the water tank and associated chemical balancing that is necessary to be able to re-open. This takes 18 hours and therefore all work during this time will be lost. 


Pictures and videos of your dog during their session may be taken for our reference only. You will always be asked for your permission should we want to share these online.

Privacy Policy

Please see our full Privacy Policy here

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