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Our events aim to educate, inspire and guide you, both as dog parents and as dog professionals alike.

As ever we drive down the prices of each ticket to make it accessible and affordable for as many people as possible, without skimping on educational value. 

If you have any suggestions on future talks, or would like to discuss hosting one yourself, please feel free to contact Sarah!

September 12th 2022

Evening Talk: Fresh Feeding to Optimise Health & Comfort

7-8pm \ 1, The Broadway CT6 8SR \ £10pp \ Pre-Book Only

Join us for an informative evening with our Independent Canine Nutrition Specialist 

  • Importance of gut health and links to immunity

  • Nutrition and it's benefits to reducing pain and obesity

  • 5 simple fresh feeding tips to boost your dog's nutrition

  • An overview of transitioning to full fresh feeding

Coming Soon

Evening Talk: Recognising Subtle Signs of Pain in Our Dogs

TBC \ Pre-Book Only

Sarah is presenting an informative evening talk where you will learn to recognise the subtle signs of pain in your dog.


We often think of limping as the main sign of pain, but it is often the last sign of pain we see. Learning to spot pain early is vital to keep your dog happy and healthy for as long as possible!


  • Explore the link between pain and behaviour

  • Learn how to spot pain in movement and performance

  • Learn how to assess movement with some live demonstrations

  • Discuss other signs you may see such as coat changes and muscle imbalances

  • Q&A

Coming Soon

2 Day Practical Workshop: Introduction to Canine Massage for Dog Owners

TBC \ Pre-Book Only

Massage has tremendous benefits for your dog, not only does it help you develop a great bond with your dog, but it has essential physical benefits too. Reducing risk of injury and improving movement / performance are but a few. There's no need for previous experience, just a passion to help your dog!

  • Basic anatomy of the skeletal and muscular systems

  • Assessment of conformation and posture and how they affect movement

  • Assessment of the dog whilst moving

  • Identify muscular tension, spasm and uneven development

  • Learn a variety of basic massage techniques

  • Stretching exercises and the importance of after-care

Workshops will be held on two consecutive Saturdays 9am-1pm. Course notes and drink refreshments are provided. Please discuss with Sarah if you would like to use your own dog for practicals.

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How To Book Your Ticket

Tickets are are Pre-Book only. Please do not turn up to an event without a ticket as space is limited.

Please contact Sarah to book your ticket, we look forward to seeing you there!