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Think of 'chiropractic' and think bone crunching and joint popping? Think again!

Typical clinical signs for a dog in need (not exhaustive):
  • Limping, leg stiffness

  • Unexplained drop in performance

  • Signs of pain or stiffness during or after exercise

  • Slow or laboured laying or raising from a laying position

  • Difficulty walking upstairs or getting into cars

  • Showing signs of discomfort when being stroked

  • A reluctance to play or exercise

  • Excessive grooming

  • Unexplained panting

  • Signs of aggression when petted

  • Behavioural changes, dog becoming shy or less affectionate

The benefits of chiropractic treatment for dogs​:

  • Improved joint flexibility and range of movement

  • Stride length increase and a balancing of limb loading

  • Muscle elasticity increases resulting in more dynamic movement

  • Improved co-ordination, great for sports dogs

  • Improvement in blood circulation resulting in improved recovery after exercise

  • Relief from pain and discomfort

  • Dopamine release helps decrease stress levels

  • Improved healing rates when injury does occur

  • Less muscle soreness and fatigue post exercise

All dogs, regardless of the activity level, can benefit from chiropractic treatment. It's a holistic, whole body treatment using precise, skilful and gentle adjustments using short lever techniques on the skeletal system, aiming to realign and restore correct function of the musculoskeletal system and improve regulation of the nervous system. It is fantastic treatment for rehabilitation and for preventing injury. For dogs involved in sports it improves performance, supports faster recovery and prevents many injuries from occurring.

When to consider canine chiropractic treatment:

Certain breeds predisposed to musculoskeletal issues (such as Labradors predisposed to elbow and hip dysplasia) and those engaged in any type of regular sports activity should all be having check ups, at the very least, as part of a decent health & well-being plan. If you have an injured dog they will have compensation patterns throughout their body which will need addressing as part of their rehabilitation journey with us. You may also be seeing subtle changes in your dog or have a feeling something isn't quite right. Contact us if you would like to chat through signs you're seeing with your dog.

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