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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you will find answers to any questions you may have below. But if not, Sarah will be happy to discuss any matters you may have!

Will I need Veterinary Referral?

If your dog has current or previous issues Veterinary Referral is required by law.

Referrals are not required for all healthy, active dogs requiring Maintenance / Fitness sessions.

For all hydrotherapy appointments referral is required.

Is treatment safe?

All of our therapy and hydrotherapy is safe. 

We ensure appropriate treatment is provided by taking a thorough history of your dog and meticulous assessment. We also keep up to date with new research to make sure our modalities are optimally utilised and regularly attend CPD courses to refresh our skills.

Will my dog enjoy it?

We work hard at creating a friendly, safe environment for your dogs using the 'fear-free' approach.

We always encourage treats or toys to be used within the session. We also give the dog regular breaks, rewards and praise. They generally love it, even if they were nervous to start!

Is Treatment covered by Pet Insurance?

In general, all treatment is covered by Pet Insurance Providers. Often there is a 'Complementary Therapies' pot which covers Therapy and Hydrotherapy. However, some Insurances do not include this, so it is always recommended to check with your provider.

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